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Victorian Lymphoedema Practice



Thorough assessment including using state of the art equipment such as bioimpedance and perometry to support in diagnosing and developing an individualised treatment program.


Comprehensive management for clients with lymphoedema and those at risk of developing it through a holistic approach to their needs.


Assisting with musculoskeletal concerns.


The practice is situated next to St. Stephens Church in Surrey Hills, which is near the corner of Warrigal Road and Canterbury Road.

The Victorian Lymphoedema Practice is close to all public transport with Surrey Hills railway station 5 minutes walk.

Phone: 03 9899 9720

Fax: 03 8456 6665

Address: 5 Warrigal Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127



Lymphoedema education

Lymphoedema risk reduction workshop following breast cancer management (download flyer)

Pre operative assessment

Pre operative assessment consisting of baseline circumference and bioimpedance measures, lymphoedema education and provision of post operative exercises

Exercise classes

Group and individual exercise classes (download flyer)


Early post operative monitoring and assistance with return to function


Supervised exercise programs to assist with rehabilitation

Full lymphoedema management

This is tailored to the needs of the individual. Treatment will always include education on care of the affected area, skin care and exercise. Other treatment options will be influenced by assessment findings and the goals of the client. These may include manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, intermittent pneumatic compression, kinesiotape and low level laser.

Palliative care

The Victorian Lymphoedema Practice team has extensive experience in managing lymphoedema during palliative care. They will work with the individual to provide the best possible management to meet the needs of the client during this time.


Our practitioners strive for excellence in quality care and to view your needs and expectations through your eyes and not our own. Victorian Lymphoedema Practice bases their treatment program on evidence-based treatment. All practitioners stay up to date with current evidence and treatment techniques by regularly attending conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally. Victorian Lymphoedema Practice delivers a team approach that includes the client as well as associated medical and allied health professionals.

Working together to get you active and strong